Who’s behind the screen?

I’m a journalist enthusiast born in Hackney, London.  I have graduated with a BA degree in Chinese studies and English at UWTSD. This blog will discuss my studies and new experiences. I will also challenge ideas and discuss at a glance some of the headlines that have been dominating our screens every fortnight.

In the near future I would like to document the culture and causes behind the rise of the recent attacks and ultimately how do we deal with these situations.

As you can tell, one of the issues that dominates my mind is the rise of violence such as the stabbings, acid attacks and shootings that are occurring and appearing on the increase as some sort of trend. I am interested in looking at particular issues that young people are being faced with from a social aspect of security. The idea that as a young person, we should be able to go out and feel safe and secure and not always having to worry about looking over our shoulders or witness or even face the possibility of being part of a stabbing or terrorist attack seems somewhat a foreign feeling.  I will be conducting personal research for posts that will examine the socio-economic and psychological backgrounds of the young people caught up in these situations. Additionally, researching the culture of the current methods of violence. Gosh…What ever happened to the good old ‘fisticuffs’? 

On a lighter note, expect to read about influences, values, myths and languages from a range of cultures in particular Asian culture. Finally, some light-hearted stories about my life.

Writing is not just a hobby it is an art.