Rumour by Paloma

Haven’t you heard?! Rumour has it…

I’ve been told that my brain is everywhere or that I am always doing something new and people can’t keep up. Well that’s the same with my writing. I want to write about everything, but then it gets confusing to what my blog is focusing on. Therefore I’ve decided to separate my writing interests into two blogs. The Little London Girl will remain the blog focusing on my own personal developments and headlining news plus opinions. Introducing my new blog Rumour By Paloma, a blog that will consist solely on reviews of a range of establishments such as tea rooms, cafes, bars, clubs and travel destinations.

The reviews will include the need to know details such as prices, links and dress code, a rating system and my experience. You can keep up with Rumour by Paloma by following the Instagram account @rumourbypaloma or simply click follow on the blog itself:


Stay Tuned X


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